Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the dates and timings of the conference?
    • The conference will take place from 8-9 March with a post-conference workshop on 10th March with sessions running from 8 AM to 5 PM.
  2. Where will the conference take place?
    • The conference venue is Biswa Bangla Convention, located at New Town, Kolkata, a 15-20 minute drive from Airport.
  3. How can I register for the conference?
    • You can register for the conference by visiting our official website, the REGISTER page, and following the registration instructions there.
  4. What is the conference agenda?
    • The agenda includes various sessions, workshops, and panel discussions covering various aspects of pain medicine. You can find the detailed agenda on our website.
  5. Are there any workshop sessions available?
    • Yes, we have post-conference workshops available on 10th March. Some free workshops are also there on 8-9 March. Details are available on our website.
  6. What is the dress code for the conference?
    • The dress code is business casual. We recommend comfortable clothing as there will be sessions and networking opportunities.
  7. Is there any on-site registration available?
    • On-site registration will be available; however, we highly recommend pre-registering to secure your spot.
  8. Will there be any networking sessions or social events?
    • We have dedicated networking sessions and social events planned, offering opportunities to connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and experts.

Payment and Registration

  1. What are the registration fees, and what do they include?
    • Registration fees vary based on early bird, standard, and on-site rates. It covers access to all sessions, materials, and some meals. Go to the registration page for details.
  2. Are there any discounts available for early registration?
    • Yes, we offer discounted rates for early registrations. Check our website for specific deadlines and rates.
  3. How can I make payment for registration?
    • Payment can be made online via credit/debit card or through other specified methods available on our website.
  4. Is there a cancellation policy for registration?
    • Yes, we have a cancellation policy outlined on our website. Please review it for details on refunds and deadlines.

Speakers and Sessions

  1. What topics will be covered during the conference?
    • The conference will cover diverse topics such as pain management techniques, research updates, patient care, etc.
  2. Will there be breakout sessions or panel discussions?
    • We have planned engaging breakout sessions and panel discussions on various relevant subjects.
  3. Can attendees suggest topics for discussion or sessions?
    • Yes, attendees can suggest topics by contacting the organizing committee at

Accommodation and Logistics

  1. Are there recommended hotels near the conference venue?
    • Yes, many nearby hotels are there, and some are offering discounted rates.
    • Is there parking available at the venue?
      • Yes, parking facilities are available at the venue. However, availability might be limited, so we encourage to use OLA/UBER etc.
  2. Will meals be provided during the conference?
    • Yes, some meals and refreshments will be provided during the conference as per the schedule

Continuing Education Credits

  1. Will attending the conference offer continuing education credits?
    • Yes, we have applied for it. Details on credits will be provided as soon as we get approval from the state medical council and can be found on our website.
  2. How can attendees obtain certificates of attendance?
    • Certificates of attendance will be provided electronically post-conference. Details on obtaining certificates will be emailed to attendees.

Exhibition and Sponsors

  1. Will there be an exhibition or sponsors at the conference?
    • Yes, there will be an exhibition area featuring the latest products, technologies, and services in pain medicine. We also have various sponsors supporting the conference.
  2. How can companies or organizations become sponsors or exhibitors?
    • Companies or organizations interested in sponsorship or exhibiting can contact our sponsorship team at

COVID-19 Safety Measures

  1. What COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place during the conference?
    • We prioritize the safety of our attendees. We will follow all local health guidelines.
  2. Is proof of vaccination or a negative test required for attendance?
    • No, proof of vaccination is not needed.


  1. Can attendees access presentation materials or recordings after the conference?
    • Yes, presentation materials and recordings (if permitted by speakers) will be available post-conference on our website or through the conference app.
  2. Will there be opportunities for attendees to interact with the speakers?
    • Yes, there will be designated Q&A sessions and opportunities for networking with speakers throughout the conference.
  3. Are there any recommended activities or places to visit in the area for leisure?
    • We will provide information on local attractions and activities for attendees interested in exploring the area during their free time.


8-10 March 2024

(Friday to Sunday)


Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Kolkata

New Town, West Bengal 700156, India

Theme: Pearls of Wisdom from Experts

Workshops on 10th March:
1.Live workshop on USG & C-arm -guided
2.Radiofrequency and cryoablation procedures
3.Hands-on volunteer scanning for USG-guidedprocedures
4.Hands-on mannequin workshop for C-armguided procedures