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Its our immense pleasure to welcome you to the 6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain "ICRA-PAIN 2020 “ scheduled to take place at Kovai medical Center & Hospital. Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu , India from September 4th to 6th , this year . In the fast moving future of health care from degenerative to regenerative medicine we have impeccably chosen the Theme as Regenerative Therapies in Pain Medicine which aims to deliver the foremost scientific content along with hands on workshop for the delegates to enrich and equip with the latest skill in managing pain. The conference will feature workshops, interactive discussions , didactic sessions along with exhibition of latest technology like intra thecal pump, spinal cord stimulator, Vertebroplasty, endoscopic discectomy , Stem cell , PRP regenerative therapy , Ultrasound guidance.

We intend to organize an excellent academic feast and a cherished forum with a gamut of renouned international & national faculty in the ever growing field of pain medicine who will be sharing their pearls of wisdom , knowledge & skill. The event will be a windfall for all beginners and Practicing Pain Physicians, rheumatologists , orthopedics & spine surgeons, Physical Medicine & rehabilitation , oncologists and onco surgeons, palliative care specialists and other health care professionals interested in practicing pain medicine. Looking forward to your participation at Kovai Medical Center And Hospital Coimbatore.

Dr. Karthic Babu Natarajan

Organising Chairman

Dr. Swaty Bhat

Organizing Secretary

ICRA - Pain 2020 Organizing Committee

Dr. Gautam Das

MD, FIPP, Director DARADIA Pain Institute, Ex Chairman, WIP India Section, Past President ISSP

Dr. Nalla G Palaniswami,

Chief Patron
Chairman, KMCH

Dr. G.K. Kumar

Chairperson Scientific Committee
MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, Diploma in Anesthesiology, Diploma in Acupuncture, Pain Management Specialist, Spine And Pain Specialist, 24 Years Experience Overall (24 years as specialist)

Dr.J.K.B.C. Parthiban

Chairperson Scientific Committee
MCH (neuro) Spine fellow (India), FNS (Japan), Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, Member World Federation of Neurosurgical society ( spine committee), Founder member Neuro Spinal Surgeon Association, India (NSSA), Editor in chief, Journal of Spinal Surgery (JOSS)

Workshop (INR 6000/USD 100 each)

Fluoroscopic Cadaveric (Basic)

Fluoroscopy is the standard imaging modality used to guide hip surgery and is therefore a natural sensor for computer-assisted navigation. In order to efficiently solve the complex registration problems presented during navigation, human-assisted annotations of the intraoperative image are typically required.

Fluoroscopic Cadaveric (Advanced)

Intraoperative fluoroscopy is a valuable tool for visualizing underlying bone and surgical tool positions in orthopedic procedures. Disadvantages of this technology include the need for continued radiation exposure for visual control, and cumbersome means of alignment. The purpose of this workshop is to highlight a new concept for a computer-assisted freehand navigation system that uses single intraoperatively acquired fluoroscopic images as a basis for real-time navigation of surgical tools.

Ultrasound guided MSK

The basis of image guided-intervention is the ability to reliably identify the region to be injected (target), confirm placement of the needle or other intervening device at the appropriate location, and subsequently confirm sampling of the appropriate location/lesion or delivery of the appropriate treatment. Ultrasonography (USG) is ideally suited for musculoskeletal (MSK) interventions as it is convenient, inexpensive, safe, and allows for excellent visualization of MSK anatomy.

Endoscopic Spine Discectomy

Percutaneous endoscopic discectomy is an effective minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) for soft disc herniations. Endoscopic spine surgery for soft disc herniation can be effective with benefits of minimal tissue trauma in properly selected cases. Given the recent technical advancements, the surgical indications for endoscopic spine surgery are still expanding and the clinical results have become more practical and reliable.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

In the ever evolving practice of Medicine , Regenerative medicine has emerged as a highly specialized field that aims to enhance a body’s own healing mechanism in treating a pathology. Central to the science of regenerative therapies is the focus on human cells which may be somatic, embryonic or adult stem cells.

Although the early period through the journey of regenerative medicine witnessed certain failures ,it has expanded in recent years due to the better understanding and great advances made in the stem cell research .The scope of stem cell based therapy has emerged to the phase of exciting potential development in treating a number of diseases such as spinal cord injury, Alzhimers disease, bladder and gynecological dysfunction, wound - scar tissue, skin and hair rejuvenation therapies to name a few ,which have shown positive results with cell based treatments. Stem cells are being used to treat common sources of musculoskeletal pain like , degenerative disc disease , damaged cartilages of shoulder and knee, and other joints, sports injury.

Stem cells are precursors of normal adult tissues that can evolve to become mature tissues like bone , muscle and cartilage. The knowledge about Stem cells being normally present in multiple parts of adult body tissue has existed since long. But only recently have we begun to harvest these cells for the purpose of regeneration after extracting them from bone marrow and fat where they are present in abundance . For this reason stem cells have the enormous potential to serve as a foundation for this latest innovation in medical practice called regenerative therapy. As pain physicians its our special interest in working with stem cells to heal common areas like bone and joint pains, and tendonopathies.

When patients are treated with human cell therapy whether their own cells or those cells which are manufactured in the lab, we need the cells to be viable ,living and capable of functioning in the body the way we want them to function given that the nonviable cells would not perform any biological function at all .Since the inception of this therapy, besides the ethical and moral issues surrounding the stem cells there has been tremendous concern with the technical feasibility and safety ,both of which have been proven now.

As best , at present the Stem cell therapy works for pain relief for patients for an extended period of time. What needs further research is how these cells exactly work at the molecular level to relieve pain whether this therapy is better than the so many other injectable techniques which we have been using to this date. Also there is an ongoing research as to how these cells actually regrow the cartilage inside these joints. Nevertheless the clinical results are rewarding in treating the symptoms and prevent costly joint replacements and even treat arthritis in those patients not having very advanced joint disease. Importantly, patients need to be carefully and fully well informed and educated about the procedure , implications and what to expect out of this treatment.

The future is very bright and promising .Regenerative strategies by using the ability of the body to heal and restore as best to the original or nondiseased state may ultimately replace many or some of the therapies we have today and really get much better results for the patients and the entire health industry going way forward.

Venue Details


4th & 5th September 2020

KMCH Auditorium Hall 1&2


6th September 2020

KMCH Medical College

Gala Dinner and Entertainment
Faculty Dinner


Le Meridien

Conference Registration

Category INR Early Bird before
April 30, 2020
Aug 25, 2020
PG Students 6500 6500 7000
Faculty 7000 7000 7000
Daradia Alumni 7000 7000 8000
India / SAARC Delegates 7000 8000 9000
Foreign Delegates USD 200 200 250

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