Abstract Submission

Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

1. All abstract must be strictly submitted in MS word format
2. All abstracts must be submitted in English, font Times New Roman, size 12
3. Abstract title to be limited to 20 words in BOLD UPPER CASE
4. Structure of the abstract should be as below, but may be different in special situation
i. Objectives: State the main objective of the study.
ii. Materials and methods: Briefly describe the setting, design of the study, how it was conducted, and the method of analysis used.
iii. Results: Present the main results with appropriate statistics.
iv. Conclusion: Limit the conclusions to those that are directly supported by the results. Unstructured abstract will not be accepted.
v. References
5. Abstract for poster presentation to be limited to 150-200 words.
6. May include tables, graphs, and images in the abstract.
7. The presenting authors name must be highlighted and the presenting author’s full name, institution, phone number and e-mail address must be provided. Email address is mandatory as all further communications will be done via e-mail.
8. The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the contents of the abstract before submission.
9. Presenting author will be informed of the status of the abstract by email. The scientific committee has the right to decide to accept or reject any presentation after peer review. The decision of the committee will be final.
10. The abstract should be original.
11. The abstract would be scored on the following criteria: scientific merit of the abstract, adequate sample size, proper statistical analysis, adherence to instructions and originality of work.
12. The plagiarism must be below 20%

Please read first in order to avoid submission problems


January 31, 2024

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